By Thea Brown, Arts Editor

Will Wiesenfeld, 21, is no stranger to music. Since taking his first piano lessons at age four, Wiesenfeld has gone on to explore various spectrums of electronic and acoustic music. His first project, [Post-Foetus], gained popular attention when electronic artist Daedelus invited Wiesenfeld to play ashow in Los Angeles.

Out of the sights and sounds of that show Wiesenfeld took his music in a much more focused direction, forming his current project, Baths. Baths is a lo-fi, ambient, electronic, chillwave combination pleasing a wide audience. His first and only album, “Cerulean,” features songs ranging from melodramatic ballads like “Palatial Disappointment” to upbeat samplings of “Kiki’s Delivery Service” in “Seaside Town.” And honestly, there isn’t a single song that doesn’t work. Just listening to the vocals sampled in “Mecha Joy” sort of puts you in a melodic trance. Not only does this kid have skills with his midi control, but he’s got a voice too.

On Jan. 14, Wisenfeld graced the fair town of San Diego with a performance at UCSD’s hip venue, the Loft. The small and intimate feeling of the Loft was the perfect venue to allow Wiesenfeld’s quirky and down to earth personality shine. Wisenfeld would stop between songs to remark about how “dope” it was that the audience was so responsive to his music, showing a level of modesty that isn’t really present in musicians anymore.

His set up consisted of his midi control and mixer panel thing, and a trusty Mac. As he twisted at nobs and pushed seemingly randomly at buttons, he bobbed and bounced his body up and down. The overall energy that he released into the audience made it so you couldn’t help but dance. And in the end, the random pushes and twists came together into the sound that listeners of “Cerulean” were familiar with, and more.

Baths has a pop-y sound, with mainly upbeat and instrumental songs. When Wiesenfeld does sing, it’s in shrill cute bursts that layer and intertwine with the many bleeps and blops.  He’s sure to become more prevalent in the coming years, combining the everlastingly popular sounds of pop and techno. Watch out for Baths, because he’s sure to make a splash.