Comedy Sportz Alumni Game

Comedy Sportz players Daniel Alguire and Mitch Lange.

Comedy Sportz players Daniel Alguire and Mitch Lange.

On Friday, Feb. 8, Comedy Sportz players from past years had the opportunity to practice and play in a game with their old teammates once again.This year’s alumni game welcomed back five SDA alumni to play against four of SDA’s current Comedy Sportz players. The game was refereed by David Miller from Comedy Sportz LA. The SDA alumni team came out victorious during both the first and second halves of the game.

SDA Comedy Sportz alumni players were pleased to be back at SDA for a number of reasons including the familiarity of the school and the opportunity to play with their former teammates.

“This was my second year coming back after I graduated to play in the alumni game…. It is bizarre to be performing in the awesome, high-tech theater, since I’m used to SDA’s old, black box theater, but it still has the cool SDA vibe to it,” said graduate of 2011, Daniel Kusher aka Danimalz, “… out on stage it feels like we are all back in high school, just acting like fools like normal.”

SDA graduate from 2012, Mitch Lange, enjoyed being able to come back to play with his old teammates: “It was really great because I haven’t improvised with those guys for a while. It was good to see they are keeping their skills sharp and just having fun with me.” Since leaving SDA, the “positive impact on [his] life,” that he experienced through Comedy Sportz encouraged him to join a college team.

Kusher was pleased to see that, “the audiences that come watch the shows are just as supportive [as they used to be] and overall everyone seems to have a good time, which is what Comedy Sportz strives to achieve.”

Similarly, the referee, David Miller commented on the audience’s continual enthusiasm: “I really do love [being the referee at] this school. It’s showcased when the audience boo-ed me [after a call that the audience did not approve of]. It was fun. The players are really good and playful and the audience is really into the show.”

At the end of it all, graduate of 2012, Daniel Alguire, a participant in this year’s alumni game predicted, “…that the alumni game, and all future alumni games, will go down in the history books as a day that people can set aside their differences, and gather to watch stupid kids try and be funny.”

Comedy Sportz players Mitchell Chivetta, Daniel Alguire, and Mitch Lange, all graduates of 2012, playing as a team once again.