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“Boy Meets Girl” Coming Soon to SDA’s PAC

September 21, 2016

The theatre department is in a rush to put on “Boy Meets Girl,” their first play of the year, which opens Sept. 29 and continues through the weekend.

According to student directors Savannah Casey and Shea Fairbanks-Galaudet, both seniors, the show is a love story between a boy and a girl, told from the point of view of two five-year-olds portrayed by junior Lawrynce Cecio and senior Thea Farber. Together they navigate the trials of an average five-year-old’s life, such as selling Girl Scout cookies, while still covering mature themes of love, such as discussing past relationships.

“It’s about them finding their relationship and working through the problems that five-year-olds would face,” said Casey. “It’s very different. I think a lot of plays that we do have mature characters and this is the first time where you have little kids leading the play.”

The main characters aren’t the only difference from other SDA shows. “Boy Meets Girl” will be an hour-long show, but only the first half-hour will be the story. The other act will be full of smaller pieces and Cabaret-style performances, all related to the theme of love.

Student tickets are $5, and adult tickets are $10. They can be bought online, at the door, or in front of the theater during lunch.

“If you like to be happy, come see our show,” Fairbanks-Galaudet said. “It’s so funny. What better is there to do than to laugh and to see people you love putting on a good show?”

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