“The River” Review

Story by Joseph Swit, Staff writer

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If you’re looking for a little excitement to give a shock to your spring TV lull, then tuning in to ABC at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights just might give you the answer you’ve been looking for.  The new show which combines elements from the horror/thriller/supernatural/mystery genres will definitely grab your attention, but the question is whether it can keep it.


The show stars Bruce Greenwood, who portrays Emmet Cole, a celebrity explorer who on disappeared on a hunt for mysterious objects in the Amazon. His son Lincoln (Joe Anderson) and wife Tess (Leslie Hope) embark on a mission to bring him home. They are accompanied by Cole’s former producer Clark (Paul Blackthorne) who films the expedition as a documentary.  The show follows the group’s through the amazon in search for Cole.


The show, created by Oren Peli and Michael R. Perry is yet another in a long line of ABC shows trying to duplicate the network’s huge success with the eerily similar series “Lost”. And at times the parallels to the former hit show bring down “The River’s” fine performances from its leads by making its plot twists and suspenseful moments seem all to mundane and familiar to seasoned TV viewers.


“The River” is filmed mostly in the “found-footage/documentary” style similar to “Paranormal Activity” which does more to elevate the show’s overtly spooky and violent moments but can at times put off the average viewer, as the style can make for silly, and overly-hyped moments that do nothing to serve the plot. As for “The River” you’ll either love it or, you will never want to see  it again. So if you are a run-of-the mill TV viewer just wanting some original, entertaining fun then you would probably want to stay clear of “The River.” That being said if you are a fan of “Lost” and are looking for a show to duplicate some of the well-oiled thrills that you used to be accustomed  to, then “The River” is certainly worth a look.

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