“Of Mice and Men” Review

This year’s Theater for a Cause production of John Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men was a stunning success, with outstanding portrayal of characters, authentic costumes and scenery, and direction that perfectly paralleled the story’s original plot and dialogue.

The play follows the story of two wandering ranch workers, the intelligent yet uneducated George Milton (senior Andrew Moore) and the strong but mentally challenged Lennie Small (senior Caleb Gibson), two men looking for their next payday hoping to raise enough money to buy a plot of land for themselves.

The duo settle down at yet another ranch after Lennie’s obsession with all things soft had gotten them run out of the town of Weed in the middle of their last job. While this new ranch offers a promise of achieving their dream, trouble looms over head with the appearance of the boss’s son Curley (senior Gilad Barach), a former small time boxer with an inferiority complex, and his wife (senior Samantha Laurent), a lonely girl with a failing marriage and knack for causing trouble for the workers.

With an excellent performance by the whole cast, especially on Gibson’s and Moore’s part, the audience couldn’t help but empathize with the characters’ combination of hopes, worries, and anguish. Combined with engaging dialogue and immersive scenery, Of Mice and Men offered a memorable experience to all audiences.