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Miss Lauryn Hill and Nas Collaborate for “Powernomics” Concert

October 26, 2017

Miss Lauryn Hill and Nas teamed up to do a tour which they labeled “Powernomics” after a book regarding the racial economic differences in America. The tour came to SDSU on October 3. The concert consisted of several black artists joining together to donate to about 44 charities.

Although comedian Hannibal Buress was unable to make it, the show still ran smoothly. The show started off with another comedian, who was able to swiftly warm up the group. He managed to get quite a few laughs and he made the wait enjoyable.

Reggae artist Chronixx followed. His music was very lively and his performance was without a flaw. He danced, gave everyone some fun energy, and managed to get them clapping, screaming, and dancing.

Then came one of the main acts.

Nas was a prominent rapper who enforced the idea of helping other Black people succeed economically and socially. Before he entered, there were transitions and visual effects using a projector.

The transitions were a number of clips documenting different charities they were giving to such as Equal Justice Initiative, Yes We Code, and the International Peace Initiative as well as different issues they want to bring attention to. The videos revealed the true reason why the artists got together: to help Economic Black Empowerment.

When they revealed the causes they stood for, I felt enlightened. These rappers came together for a greater cause and to help their community by donating to over 40 charities. As the list went on, I began to lose track. A good problem to have.

After the clips, Nas came onstage and did a mini tribute to Michael Jackson. Although I don’t really listen to his music (I came to the concert for Hill), I found his flawless use of visual effects and effortless transitions between songs to be very impressive.

When he used police sirens in his music, the lights would flash blue and red to visualize the lights.

After his performance, however, there was a long wait for Hill. The majority of the time consisted of waiting for people to finish setting up. A DJ played decent music, but he constantly paused the songs to try and pep up the crowd. I began to grow tired. During the whole concert[WU2] , I seemed to just be waiting for Lauryn Hill to come out.

It was worth it.

When Hill came onstage, she immediately stunned the entire crowd. She entered singing “Everything is Everything” from her solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Her rapping was much faster than usual and her backup singers were impeccable.
Her singing somehow didn’t age from when she first started in the 90’s and she incorporated songs from her times with “The Fugees.” She sang one of their most important songs, “Killing me Softly, at the end. Rather than keeping the style and pace exactly the same, she switched it up and added different keys, tempos, harmonies, and beats.

Needless to say, I thought she was amazing. When she sang, I almost cried from the overwhelming beauty she evoked (this isn’t an exaggeration. I love her). She was a strong presence in the stadium and managed to make my whole month.

Hill’s concert was a true representation of doing a concert well. While there were many long waits, the waits are nothing compared to the amazing performances they gave. The Powernomics concert was not only a good time, but it was for a good cause.

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