How I found the smoothie of my dreams

Taylor Rudman

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Shayna Glazer

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Hi I’m Debra, Debbie for short, but only Jake called me Debbie, our ship-name was Debke.

Cute, right? But I’m just Debra, so drop it already, okay? Here’s my guide to a quick, healthy breakfasts… for one.

I may not be a food guru, but lately I’ve had a lot of default “me-time” and so I’ve picked up some nifty tricks I want to share with my loyal readers!

Today you’re going to learn just how to make a low fat, low calorie, zero Jakes gained, smoothie for on the go. Easy to make by yourself so NO MEN are required!

Let me set the scene: You’re sitting on your soft, tan sofa waiting for Jake to arrive. Everything is perfect. Your Midsummer’s Night candle has accumulated a soft pool of wax, and you arranged your succulents into a heart on the coffee table, just like you saw on Pinterest. You’re in a freshly laundered miniskirt and the purple sweater your friends called “absolutely goooorgeous.” You’re ready for the late night date with Jake. Your big plan is to watch “The Real Housewives of Encinitas,” glass of wine in hand, the rest of the box in the kitchen. Jake is coming and you’re prepared to have the time of your life. But as the night wears on, you receive a text that he has cancelled due to “work stuff.” Men, am I right?!

So naturally, you downed your box of red wine and crawled under your duvet alone only to wake up with a pounding head and a shattered heart. It’s time to make the smoothie of a lifetime to rejuvenate your dead personality and lift broken spirits. 

I think it’s about time to give your mouth something to do. It’s certainly been long enough. For the best protein smoothie you’ve ever tasted, check out my next blog post!