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Ria Chockalingam

Best 2020 Moments from Students

January 2, 2021

2020 has been an interesting year for everyone. There were highs and lows that contributed to the overall experience. SDA students shared some of their most memorable moments from this year.


Most embarrassing moment

“I fell face-first on a flight of stairs in front of a whole crowd.” – Erik Solano, freshman

“My sleep schedule got ruined and I slept from 4 to 12 on most days.” – Alec Medina, freshman

“I was drinking a soda and started to bubble up, and it shot out my nose.” – Anthony Saldivar, freshman

“Running into the back of a parked truck while walking with a group of friends.” – Makenzie Zukowski, sophomore

“When my cat typed random stuff in the chat during class.” – Lauren Gonzalez, freshman

Best moment in a class

“When we had a sub that didn’t know how to turn up his volume so he could hear us.” – Shane Dillon, freshman

“Leading the class in a sing-a-long in Spanish class.”- Andrew Forgiarini, sophomore

“A conversation we had about women’s and LGBTQ+ rights in English class.” – Lucy Caliri, freshman

“Watching Mr. Ross run around the room showing off his flawless gorilla impression.” – Ria Chockalingam, senior

“Mr. Martinez playing the song jump in class while dancing with his dog. I have videos.” – Emma Whitfield, junior

“Definitely making puns in Mrs. Koda’s 2nd-period APUSH class.” – Selina Oeien, junior

The most productive thing you did during the quarantine

“I made music and learned how to play the bass.” – Lily Larson, sophomore

“I learned morse code and got my Ham Radio license.” – Paloma Cady, sophomore

“I translated the book I wrote into Spanish.” – Alexa Mendes, senior

“I made my sister a dress for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was super fun and kept me busy!” – Gabby Colombo, freshman

“I coded my own 3D shooter game and reprogrammed the FRC robot.” – Dylan Casazza, junior

“I learned how to surf, golf, and play tennis.” – Parker Roach, junior

Funniest moment

“When my friends and I went to a drive-through haunted trail, and we were screaming the lyrics to WAP, so we didn’t get as scared.” – Lucy Caliri, freshman

“I was blasting music in my headphones while in a club meeting, and I forgot my mic wasn’t muted.” – Jacob McLaurin, freshman

“I was in class, and my friend was walking behind me, but he fell down the stairs, and my entire class saw.” – Anonymous, junior

“My dad has a quote book that my sister and I add to every time he says something funny over quarantine. My favorites are ‘I have the Moe-Rona virus’ and ‘Man with corona seeking woman with Lyme disease.'” – Madeline Moe, senior

Favorite memory during the quarantine

“I went with a few of my friends to the lookout, and we made bracelets at like 3 AM” – Kaelani Adcock, junior

“Eating a whole bag of chips whilst working out. I told my mom I was balancing my fat and my health.” – Erik Solano, freshman

“Camping with friends on a hiking trip and catching a snake (rosy boa)” – Anthony Saldivar, freshman

“When I finished a Netflix series in 2 days.” – Dana Reyes, freshman

“Jumping with water balloons with my best friend, then jumping in the rain.” – Anonymous, freshman

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