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Play the world’s greatest word game Mad Libs… the San Dieguito Academy edition

SDA Mad Libs Game

March 29, 2021

Play a fun game with your friends. Fill in the blanks to create your own adventure.

It’s a/an (adjective) day in Encinitas. The birds are (verb -ing), the sun is shining, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. 

The Mosaic Cafe looks particularly (adjective) this morning. The smell of hot (plural food item) is drifting out of the windows. There is still time before the first bell rings. After walking around a bit, you see all of the students walking around too. They all look (adjective).

Suddenly the bell rings; it sounds like a/an (noun). It looks like it’s time to go to (teacher’s name)’s class all the way in the (building name). Thank goodness you don’t have to run all the way to the Ps anymore. 

Suddenly, you see a/an (animal)! What is that (same animal) doing on campus? And why on earth is it wearing a/an (article of clothing)?! 

You approach the (same animal), and it makes a sound, it sounds like a/an (noun), so you jump back, afraid. This was not what you were expecting today. Today was supposed to be an (adjective) day. You have a test in the first period, a presentation in second, and a (noun) in third.  

You think to yourself, should I help this (same animal)? It is clearly having a fashion emergency, dressed solely in a (same article of clothing). You know that in your bag, you have a (second article of clothing) that would go (adjective -ly).

You are about to give the (same animal) the (second article of clothing) when it starts to (verb). Should you do the same?

Yes. You (same verb) all over campus.

Teachers are watching you as you (same verb) all over campus, and you catch a glare from (teacher name). Of course (same teacher name) would disapprove. 

Well, now you’re late to your first-period class, (class name) with (teacher name). You sigh. 

Just a not so (adjective) day at SDA.

What did yours say? Comment down below!

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