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Get into the Halloween spirit with our spooky playlist

A Halloween playlist, without the stereotypical
October 10, 2018

Not feeling in the spooky mood yet? Just because it’s not “The Season” (aka christmas music season) doesn’t mean we can’t listen to music that will get us in the mood for pumpkin flavored things...

Brockhampton brings a new kind of color into the rap game with “Iridescence”

Brockhampton brings a new kind of color into the rap game with
September 26, 2018

The LA-based rap group of 20 year olds who make up the “boyband” Brockhampton have overcome dealing with hate and controversy and have used those skeletons to create their newest and most vulnerable...

Old Tower “Stellary Wisdom” Review

Old Tower
February 9, 2018

A lonely, sad spirit drifts through forgotten castles. It was long ago banished from the mortal realm, and now, morose and melancholy, it longs for its eventual dissipation into the stars... While listening...

A Different Shade of Beck

A Different Shade of Beck
October 20, 2017

Beck’s latest album, “Colors,” is another memorable addition to his record of polished albums. Contradicting the previous album “Morning Phase,” a woeful masterpiece, “Colors” is filled with...

Kaboo Del Mar, 2017

Bands who played at Kaboo 2017 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Saturday included Logic (above), The Knocks,  Machine Gun Kelly, Muse, and P!nk.
September 28, 2017

Kaaboo Del Mar 2017 was held the weekend of Sept. 15 and had an outstanding lineup of bands and musicians that kept people entertained the entire weekend. The bands who played at the Del Mar Fairgrounds...

Queen Snake

Taylor Swift's taps into her
September 18, 2017

Taylor Swift is back with an edgy new persona that she is flaunting with grace. When talking about the new Taylor Swift, you need to focus on three aspects of her new career: the ‘reputation’, the...

Lamar’s New Album Has Us All Saying “DAMN.”

Lamar's 14-track LP is now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.
April 17, 2017

When you're Kendrick Lamar, the new music you create has to be original, earth-shaking, powerful, and completely unique. When you’re Lamar, you’re held to a certain standard when dropping a project....

Umphrey’s McGee Throws a One-Two Punch at Observatory

Umphrey's McGee Throws a One-Two Punch at Observatory
March 24, 2017

As concert performances go, Umphrey's McGee can run hot and cold. Sunday night, they were on fire. Normally reminiscent of a free-form rock group like Phish, Umphrey’s McGee brought their sound...

Smooth Moves in Bruno Mars’ Newest Music Video

Smooth Moves in Bruno Mars' Newest Music Video
March 9, 2017

Driving four wheels without a car, dancing with three other Brunos, and singing in the rain, Bruno Mars uses paint-like animation to sing and dance in a video that not only reacts to him, but also the...

“Same Drugs” Music Video Review

February 8, 2017

With the 2013 release of his mixtape, “Acid Rap,” Chance the Rapper flew to the top of the rap world. The release of his most recent album, “Coloring Book,” in may of 2016 captured his fans with...

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