The Mustang

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this place?

You have entered the realm of San Dieguito Academy’s newspaper, The Mustang.  Continue at your own risk.


2. Why create another newspaper/website when there are so many others already out there?

The media has the power to control the masses, and the staff of The Mustang is made up entirely of power-hungry fiends. We seek levels of fame, fortune, and popularity achieved only so far by our idols the Real Housewives, baby North West, and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.


3. What does “FAQ” stand for?

It doesn’t actually stand for anything. We were trying to come up with a title for a section where we respond to frequently-asked questions and someone thought “FAQ” would sound edgy and obscure.


4. I found a mispeling on your site.

Congratulations! See if you can collect all eight for a special prize.


5. When will the next print issue of The Mustang be available?

The Mustang strives to bring you the news on a consistent basis, which means issues come out every month, every two months, or every five weeks. We like to be the news source you can depend on.


6. How can I help support The Mustang and the San Dieguito Academy Journalism program?

-Join the journalism class, talk to Ms. LeaVesseur, or ask to submit a piece as a guest writer.

-Send us your story ideas in the “Contact Us” section. Due to the high traffic of story ideas that we receive, we can’t guarantee that we’ll publish all of them. We’re busy people.

-Send us money, food, etc. or buy an ad.


7. Why isn’t my comment showing up?

-All comments must be approved before appearing, which takes time. If your comment hasn’t appeared within a few days, you probably said something rude or looked like spam to our spam-eating robots.


8. Where can I read stories from past print issues of The Mustang?

You can find a link to our most recent issue on our homepage. We’re working on archiving older issues online. Stay tuned.


6. Wow, you guys sure have a nice website!

Is that a question.


7. What is the meaning of life?

Bring rice pudding to room 68 to find out.

The Official Student News Source of San Dieguito Academy.
Frequently Asked Questions