Senior Out of There: 3/12

By The Mustang Staff

Everyday, the staff of The Mustang collects a few stories from students about Senior Out. Here’s the stories from the third day of the game:

“I walked into my math class a few minutes early and there were some people sitting on the opposite side of the room. I saw them and I was like ‘I’ll go sit with them’ and then the person who had me was hiding behind the door. When I saw him running after me I was a little shocked and got very nervous and, when he finally tagged me out, I was kind of mad because it was still early in the game. Now it’s fun being a part of other people’s plots.” – Senior Julia Ramzi

“I was taking my little brother off for lunch for protection and as he walked around to his door, Leah ran up and tagged me. I was frustrated because I had told him to walk me to my door and he forgot. He was more upset about me getting out than I was. He was like ‘It was so much fun!, I can’t wait another 3 years to do this.’” – Senior Becca Bland

“[Amin Fozi] knew who had him for senior out, but they had already been tagged out without him knowing, and so Amin ended up hugging the new person who had him and got himself out.” – Senior Steven Cowdery-Rice