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New SDA App?

March 27, 2018

Principal Adam Camacho and Assistant Principal Celeste Abdelnaby have been researching ways to create a mobile app for SDA for the past four months. The goal is to communicate with students in an easier way by providing information about campus matters. Such as something fun about a sports game or an emergency like a lockdown or a fire drill. Camacho and Celeste are hoping to have something up and running by the start of fall of next year.

“We are exploring as a school trying to develop a mobile app that will be useful for a number of things,” Abdelnaby said. “We don’t have a good reliable way to connect with every single student since most students don’t have email addresses that we can send stuff to. On Aeries some students have personal emails or other emails that they don’t check and we don’t have everyone’s phone number or any way that we can for sure get something to them, whether it has to do with something fun or any emergency situation like something that’s happening on campus or a false alarm.”

This app is going to be accessible to students, parents, and alumni and would be downloaded from the App store or Google play for free without a charge. “It will be like a school website within an app. Anyone could look at Aeries, email teachers, check out social media, or the school calendar to subscribe to sports updates, Comedy Sportz and theater news,” Abdelnaby said.

 There are going to be notifications that can be optional for one to have on or off. “You can turn off the notifications but the emergency notifications will not be allowed to be turned off,” Abdelnaby said.

“Different administrators, including Camacho, administrative assistant Lois Delanty, ASB advisor Rod Keillor could update the app,” Abdelnaby said.

“It will cost a couple thousand dollars and annual fees for the school will be charged, but with the Foundation and fundraisers, we will make it work. By the end it will be worth it because we will be able to communicate with our students,” Abdelnaby said.

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  1. Celeste Abdelnaby on March 28th, 2018 7:56 am

    Rosie, you did a nice job with this article. Well-researched and clearly communicated. Thank you! Dr. Abdelnaby

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