Change Spoken Word

Story by Jenna Weinhofer, Staff Writer

When you finally feel as if you settled down, it is time to get back up again
It takes us months to feel comfortable and gain the confidence to talk each day
To get to know our classmates by more than just their name
But it is scary to put yourself out there in any way
And with the new semester coming again, we must learn to welcome this inevitable change

Change is hard, as we leave everything behind we once retained
But when the bell rings, we have to enter our lanes
We have to start our new race because change is part of life’s game
And in order to cross the finish line, I have to control myself and make all the right plays
Because my happiness depends on what I make the most out of each day

So rather than shrugging my shoulders and assuming the worst, I will give everything a shot
I will put myself head first without a doubt
Because learning, something I love, should not be limited by my thoughts
I need to not let my fears stop me from growing a lot

In and out of school, it is important to accept change
I can’t sign a waiver to make it go away
So I must make the most out of it before I go through a lot of pain
I am not saying that change will make me go insane
I am not angry of what change stole
But to prevent that I have to pave the path I want to take
And make many new memories each day

Now is our chance for us to start anew and make the most out of our learning experience
We will see that by putting one foot in front of the other
Regardless of if we want to or not, we will come out the other side knowing more than you ever did
Experiences make us into better people each and every day
Do not limit yourself when you have so much to gain
Because we are all capable of great things
It simply takes time to become proud of you
Have faith that you can do all that you achieve with the motivation to do so