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The spread of COVID-19 forces people worldwide to stay home and avoid contact with others until advisors state otherwise.

What to do and what NOT to do over quarantine break

March 17, 2020

You’re only a student during the COVID-19 pandemic once, so here’s an overview of things you could do when you get bored over the two week break from school. Cup Pong will only get you so far.


  • FaceTime party with friends


You truly can do anything online, including watching Netflix, having a dance party, or just having a plain old conversation. When you get bored, you can all watch TikToks in silence.


  • Study for those AP Exams, SATs, and ACTs


What better time to dedicate yourself to studying for those college entrance exams. It’s not like you do already.


  • Bake for one


Life is so much better when you have cupcakes. Just wash your hands and make sure you have enough eggs BEFORE you start baking.


  • Read a book


Trust us, you’ll be bored enough eventually. If you can’t get to the library, download the Sora online reading app and log into the SDUHSD library for access to hundreds of ebooks.


  • Contemplate your existence


Need we say more?


  • Do your chores 


Your mother already does everything anyways. She won’t thank you for your efforts, but she will give you a condescending look that guilts you into cleaning your room too.


  • Bother your siblings


Hey, it’s not your fault they’re on break too.


  • Dye your hair


Why not? It’s not like anyone will see it.


  • Fashion show


Come back to school looking fly.


  •  Self-care


Take some time to check in with yourself, maybe do a face mask, and take a much needed nap. It may not be under great circumstances, but enjoy your time off if you can, you’ve earned it. Continue to wash your hands regularly and follow recommendations from the CDC.


In all seriousness, make sure you are taking precautions from this virus for your health and those around you. Here are a few things you might want to hold off on doing for the time being:


  • Movie theaters


The movie you have been waiting for months to see will still exist. Instead, grab some microwave popcorn and set up shop in your living room.


  • Concerts 


We know that seeing your favorite artist is on your bucket list. It will be hard, but imagine how much safer you will be jamming out on a speaker in your room.


  • Sports games


Nevermind, all of the seasons have been cancelled anyways. 2021 here we come!


  • Handshakes


The handshake with your best friend is definitely amazing, but a simple wave or a smile will do right now. 


The general guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 are to stay at least 5 feet away from one another, avoid gatherings of 250 people or more, and wash your hands frequently. This quarantine doesn’t mean that you need to completely isolate yourself from the world, but that you should limit your outings and when going out in public, proceed with caution and follow all preventative measures. 

Once again, stay healthy, stay hydrated, wash your hands and use sanitizer. Enjoy your Coronacation!

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  1. Dr. Barnette on March 17th, 2020 1:01 pm

    Thank you! Keep the articles coming. We need you 😉

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