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Hillary Clinton’s Current Projected State Wins

November 8, 2016

According to CNN, Hillary Clinton’s current standings put her ahead in the following states: Vermont (58.9%), Rhode Island (54.0%), Massachusetts (59.8%), New York (77.1%), New Jersey (53.5%), Maryland (64.4%), Illinois (54.1%), Delaware (53.2%), and District of Columbia (93.0%). Based off of those projected votes, Clinton has a total of 104 electoral votes out of the 270 required for a guaranteed win.

UPDATE, 7:39- Clinton is projected to take Virginia (48.3%), and New Mexico (50.0%).

UPDATE, 7:49- CNN just announced that Clinton took Colorado (48.5%).

UPDATE, 8:00- Clinton has just won California (59.7%), and Hawaii.

UPDATE, 8:17- CNN has called Oregon (53.4%) and one electoral vote from Nebraska as going to Clinton.

UPDATE, 8:39- Clinton has just won Washington (48.2%).

UPDATE, 9:34- CNN has just announced that Clinton took Nevada (48.9%).

UPDATE, 10:15- Clinton is sitting at 215 electoral votes out of the 270 required to guarantee the presidency.

UPDATE, 11:00- Clinton is projected to take three of the four electoral votes in Maine (48.0%).

UPDATE, 11:23- John Podesta gave a brief speech at the Clinton Headquarters telling waiting supporters to go home and get some rest. He claimed that the Clinton campaign won’t officially call the election or concede to results until tomorrow.

UPDATE, 11:44- Clinton has called Trump to concede the election, reports NBC News.

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