Students Meditate for Homeroom Olympics

By Layla Gantus, Staff Writer

A meditation session in front of the PAC Tuesday kicked off the wellness sessions hosted by the homerooms for Homeroom Olympics.

This session was led by history teacher Kelly Hawkins’ homeroom who decided to use meditation to help students de-stress. Sophomore Lauren McCormick led the meditation by first stating why meditation can be good for mental health and then walked the group through the meditation. Some soft music was playing in the background the entire time.

This session lasted for 10 minutes before everyone dispersed. The homerooms that lead a session get participation points from the Homeroom Olympics committee, which saw the event as a major success. They still haven’t stated state how many points each homeroom will get for participation.

The idea of wellness sessions was pushed by psychology teacher James Hrzina during the monthly Forums.
The next session will be jazzercise with History teacher Jamie Duck’s homeroom.