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Freshmen and Communication Discussed at the Forum

Jenna Weinhofer

Freshmen and Communication Discussed at the Forum

November 17, 2017

Students and teachers at this month’s Forum were upset about the lack of communication in terms of “The Bulletin” and talked about possible solutions to what Link Crew leaders said was an increase in uninterested freshman.

People crowded into the art room today. Ryan Cardenas, science teacher, said it was the largest student Forum yet and started the discussion off with Homeroom Congress, and student reception of the first meeting.

“It was the first time my freshman saw how active the other students were. And to see how they wanted to get involved was really rad,” said Jaime Duck, history teacher.

Overall students said they were pleased with the integration of the Congress, and both students and staff looked forward to a second meeting.

Another topic was brought up due to the lack of communication on the part of homeroom teachers not sharing emails with their students from The Bulletin. The problem occurred when students pointed out that many of their classmates had no idea what The Bulletin actually was.

“Emails are ignored. Improve communication and more publicity,” a student said.

There were several proposed solutions to the problem including opening the lines of communication between representatives of the congressional forum.

History teacher Kerry Koda said in response, “Go back to your homerooms to share information… you guys make it a priority.”

They also have a Remind 101 for notifications on school activities. They urge students that the text is not spam and consists of information worth knowing.

The final conversation revolved around Link Crew, particularly concern over uninterested freshman.

Some students felt that an increase in meetings or a change in activities could kick start freshman interest to the height it had toward the beginning of the year.

“It’s unrealistic to keep all the freshman interested,” said one student.

Even if The Forum had the largest participant rate they have seen in a while, they still urge new students to participate in the next Forum.

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