SDA welcomes its newest science teachers, Madhuri Agashe and Jennifer Kuo

By Kate Barr, Staff Writer

Jennifer Kuo is one of the new chemistry teachers at San Dieguito Academy. She is  always smiling and is extremely devoted to her job. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has always loved science. She said she finds science fascinating because she “always found it challenging and loves seeing the results through hands on activities.”  

However, Kuo didn’t begin her teaching journey until after college. She was working an office job when her family friend suggested that she would make a great teacher. Since then she has loved teaching and has especially enjoyed San Dieguito Academy so far. In comparison to her old school, she likes SDA’s schedule, students, and atmosphere. She has found the staff extremely welcoming and said she is, “making more of a difference and feels like the students more creative.”

When she’s not teaching, she is either “trying to cook, singing, listening to music, drawing, or playing with her 10 year old husky named Flame.” 

Kuo cares a lot about her students, tends to let her students voice their opinions, and allows them to make classroom decisions. If you see her around campus make sure to say hi or even just flash a smile. It will make her day.