Dear Feminists,

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Dear Feminists,

“The fairytale is dead,” you say. At least that’s what Yahoo tells me when I go to check my email and see that an all-girls school is advertising to incoming freshmen through anti-princess propaganda. In a way, I agree.

We’re closing in on 2014 and after growing up watching the Powerpuff Girls save Townsville, hearing the Spice Girls shout “girl power!” everywhere they go, and seeing Barbie swap out her ball gown for a blazer, I get it. The thought that you can wait around for a man to take care of you is outdated and unrealistic. So the feminists have made their point: we can do anything.

But what if what I want to do is what they’ve been fighting so hard to break out of? I get the message that the anti-princess academy is trying to send, but what if they’re putting other women down in the process?

Maybe I like the idea of being a princess. Maybe my wish to stay home and cook and sew isn’t because of years of stereotypes and male dominance, but because that’s what I honestly and genuinely want to do. I want to do my hair, put on some makeup, and go shopping with friends. When I get home, I want to head straight to my kitchen and cook a nice dinner. I want to be a mom. And not a high-achieving-sorry-for-not-making-the-game-I-was-working kind of mom. I want to be the mom that packs your lunch, kisses your cheek, and is there on time to pick you up mom.

Which way is better? The way I see it, either way works. If you feel like you have something to prove, go prove it. Take on the world one battle at a time until you think you’ve achieved enough to sit back and pat yourself on the back for beating your male co-worker to the big promotion you’ve been killing yourself over.

And yes, discrimination is bad. Yes, you can do anything you want. No, you shouldn’t let any man tell you what to do. But remember that the whole point of feminism is that women are capable of doing whatever they want.

In my opinion, any mom out there who chooses to stay home and raise their children rather than hire a nanny while they fight to be the next CEO is fulfilling this expectation just fine. Girls need to know that it’s okay to be smart and pretty. It’s okay to work hard and stay home. Most importantly, they need to know how to make whatever they want a reality.

For some girls, this means growing up, getting tough, and being the boss. For others, its working part time while being a mom, wife or friend full time. So thank you to all the feminists who have fought so hard. We hear you. We can be anything we want. So let us.