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Airbands 2017

Formal 2017

Flag Football 2016

Halloween 2016

Club Fair 2016

In Ten Years....

Exhibition Day 2016

Club Fair 2016


Flag Football 2015

Halloween Dress-Up 2015

Students walked around campus dressed up in Halloween costumes. Those who chose to, participated in a costume contest at lunch.

In Ten Years....

Seniors reveal what they will be doing in 10 years.

Exhibition Day 2015

Painting trucks and classroom walls, selling and buying homemade products, displaying talents: students had a blast participating in Exhibition Day.

Spring Assembly 2015

Backstreet Boys, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and a Promposal. Here's our gallery of this years Spring Assembly, MC'd by Senior Caleb Gibson and Junior Maggie Lombard.

Homeroom Olympics: Chalk Art

Homerooms drew chalk portraits of their homeroom teacher in front of the PAC for Homeroom Olympics.

Senior Olympics 2015

The annual Senior Olympics was held on Friday April 3rd on the softball. The games included a jumpy obstacle course, jousting, and giant hamster ball races. Team Ninja took the win.

Homeroom Olympics Relay Race 2015

Homeroom's participated in the first Homeroom Olympics event of 2015, which was a relay race consisting of running backwards, leap frog, sprinting, and creating a human table. Scott Huntley's homeroom took the win.

SDA Bazaar 2014

The annual SDA Bazaar was hosted on December 11th in Senior Court. The Bazaar is a sort of mini Exhibition Day, where students and clubs can sell items ranging from photographs, to scarves, to candles.

Halloween 2014

This year's Halloween celebrations included costumed students, dropping pumpkins off the roof of the gym, a student run haunted house, and costume contests.

Fall Sports 2014

Water Day 2014

ASB's annual Water Day was hosted on 10/1 and the theme was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. All water used in Water Day was recycled to be put into The Mosaic garden.

Class of 2014 Graduation

San Dieguito Academy seniors of 2013-2014 graduated on June 13, 2014. Congratulations!

In Ten Years...

The Triwizard Tournament

Students brave "Aragog's Web" and other tasks in search of the Triwizard Cup in this year's Homeroom Olympics finale.

Exhibition Day 2014

Students display their talents and sell various items at SDA's Exhibition Day 2014.

The Night Circus

Check out the rest of this month's cover art by sophomore Sophia Hurley:

Locks of Love 2014

SDA students chopped off all their locks in front of the PAC for Locks of Love, signaling the beginning of the end of Manly Month of March.

Homeroom Olympics: Chalk Art 2014

In the first ever Homeroom Olympics Chalk Art Challenge, Homerooms had 20 min to complete their concrete square. Students competed in the categories of Creativity, Artistry, and Homeroom Theme.

CommUnity Day 2013

After a long hiatus, SDA brought back CommUnity Day, where students come together with their fellow classmates and helped revive the accepting spirit of SDA.

Surgeon Visit

Healthcare Essentials students learn from visiting orthopedic surgeons how to fix broken bones. Photos by Lauren Shaw and Guest Photographer Layla Gantus.

International Week 2013

The language departments join together for a festive, cosmopolitan week.

Battle of the Bands Finale

Sacred Cow, Jason Matkin, Vinegar Tom, The Endos, and Fifth Season compete for first place at this year's Battle of the Bands

SDA Sports Montage

Halloween 2013

Students came to school in their best costumes to display their Halloween spirit.

Water Day 2013

Despite the rainy weather, students came out for this classic SDA tradition.

Three vs. Three Soccer 2013

Students go for the gold in the annual Three on Three Soccer Tournament.

Club Fair Fall 2013

SDA students gather in front of the gym to show off their clubs and encourage others to join in.

Exhibition Day 2013

Green Week Plants

This year for Earth Day, several enviornmentally conscious clubs on campus put on Green Week to raise awareness for the enviornment. Club members participated in \"Guerilla Gardening\" to help decorate campus for the event.

Speak Up Speak Out Day 2013

On Thursday March 18, SDA students gathered around to listen to and share poems, speeches, and general ideas pertaining to gay rights.

Newspaper Pot

Learn how to make a newspaper pot!

Talent Show

SDA students showed a variety of talents in the Talent show on March 14.

Japanese Exchange Students 2013

The high school exchange students from Toyama, Japan showcase their dance moves to the students at SDA. Photos by Kirsten Walz.

Manly Month of March

To kick off the schools anual \"Manly Month of March\" festivities, students took photos and participated in inflatable boxing on Friday, March 1.

Kook Run

Participants in the 2nd annual Cardiff Kook Run wore funny costumes as they ran either a 5k or a 10k.

Dodgeball 2013

Homeroom dodge ball requires little skill. One must simply have a strong arm (suns out, guns out) and a sense of camaraderie (leaving no teammate behind). Let\'s check out these studs in their natural element. -Story and Captions by Marisa Pearce

Elective Fair 2013

Elective fair is a chance for students to learn about the many courses offered at SDA.

FIRST Robotics Showcase

On Sunday Feb. 2, the Encinitas Library was populated with a group of proud, yellow-shirted robotics aficionados, part of SDA’s Team Paradox, who had put together the second annual FIRST Robotics Showcase. It included science activities across all age groups, and informed the attendees about the opportunities involved with FIRST Robotics, a program “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.”

Bridge Breaking 2013

Physics students test their engineering skills in this annual event.

Halloween 2012

Take a look at this year\'s crazy Halloween costumes. 2spooky

Homecoming 2012: Comic Con Day

HOLY HOMECOMING, BATMAN! Students dress up as their favorite fictional characters. Photos by Kelsey Navis.

Homecoming 2012: Throwback Thursday

Leg warmers and tie dye. Students dress up for their favorite decade. Photos by Joleyne Lambert.

Homecoming 2012: College Gear Day

Students show their school spirit...for other schools. Photos by Taylor Knudson and Tacy Manis.

Homecoming 2012: Spy Day

Students on a mission to show their school spirit. Photos by Tacy Manis.

Homecoming 2012: Music Day

Smells like teen spirit...students show off their favorite band t-shirts for Music Day. Photos by Tacy Manis.

First Day of School 2012

Students show off their first day outfits. Photos by Laurel Sorenson and Allie Manis.

The Mosaic Opening

SDA\'s new business management class opened up The Mosaic Cafe at lunch on January 11, 2012. The student-run business is located in what was previously called the Mustang Center.

Mustache Day

Tiny Tots Day

Disney Day

SDA\'s Best Halloween Babies

Remember when mermaids, minnie mouse and barney were all you needed to make you a happy camper? Here are some of the best of SDA\'s Halloween babies:

Homecoming Assembly

October 21, 2011 Photos by Jocelyn Lee

Vests vs. Pajamas

Freaky Friday

Dance Contest

October 6, 2011 Students gather in front of the new ampitheatre for an ASB organized dance contest in hopes of winning a free ticket to the Homecoming dance.

Club Fair 2011

Clubs advertise to attract new members during lunch on October 7, 2011

March Madness 2011

Pi Day 2011

March 14 is a day celebrated every year as Pi Day. San Dieguito Academy celebrates this day, organized by teachers from the Math department and ASB.

Amnesty International Valentine\'s Day Concert

The Amnesty Internation club held an event on February 22, 2011 with bands, poetry, and free food, all in the aims of raising awareness for other countries who need help.

Airbands 2011

Arts and Tech Fest

January 20, 2011- SDA organizes an Arts and Tech Fest after school for all the arts and tech related clubs and classes to give what they can offer.

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