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Betrayal- by one of our very own.

Senior Out: Day One

March 11, 2019

Second Period:

I woke up early this morning, I wasn’t taking any chances, today it begins, the two week struggle for survival. Senior out. I felt like a helpless lamb being led to the slaughter. I still don’t know who’s hunting me but I’ll find out. Over the course of these next two weeks friendships and alliances alike would be destroyed. It’s only second period at the time I’m writing this and I’ve heard of three casualties already. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I walked in between classes. I couldn’t take my eyes off the clock, counting down in my head until the inevitable homeroom and a passing period. I know an attempt will be made on my life, but hopefully I’m prepared enough.

You think you know your friends, you think you trust them, until senior out. I love my friends, but I knew I can’t trust them. We all know that if and when the time arises we will betray each other.

During passing period I nervously stood near my teacher, clad in denim amor. I’m afraid for third period. I have a class full of seniors waiting to strike with their perfectly timed outstretched palms rendering me dead, out, done for.

Right now I’m fearful of what’s to come, but I’ll keep updating you over the next two weeks.


Update 4th Period:

I didn’t think I would die today, but the machinations of war stop for no one. The cruel advancement of time is ceaseless in its slow march forward.

 I wrote this in second period, I should’ve played it safer, but I just had to sit down, I let my guard down and that was my greatest mistake. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted journalism. This was my first semester in advanced journalism, there was no built up trust between us.

Here I am now. Fourth Period. Crying in a pool of my own tears. I had been eagerly waiting for senior out since freshman year. My dreams were shattered in the few precious moments before the bell rang. It’s funny how much difference a few seconds can make. Every second counts. To those of you still alive, play it safe. Trust no one, even your own friends.

To the underclassmen, your friends now will not hesitate to kill you. Your significant others will betray you at a moments notice. In senior out there is no friendship, no love, no compassion. Only the swift hand of death striking you down into obscurity, crushing your hopes and dreams.

Good Luck Everyone .


P.S. If you want to know who got me out shoot me a dm on Instagram @rusty.ginger , I need to be avenged.

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