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Dylan Hendrickson
Okay. I’m a little nervous writing my first profile here, but here I go. I like Nicolas Sparks books, walking on the beach with my 6 year old golden retriever, and I have a propensity for crying during any movie, especially N.S. movies. My biggest dream is to one day walk onto the pier of my local North Carolina town and trip over another girl’s feet to have an awkward rambling conversation of apologies and then we have difficulties with dealing with our pasts but in the end we end up married and/or dead before the relationship can begin. I would like nothing more than for that to happen.
I want a girl that I can share this kind of feeling with who is also fun and sexy, but doesn’t want to take things too seriously.
Amor est sicut puppis maiores capere facilius vos.
Love conquers all.

Dylan Hendrickson, CAF Editor

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