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Michael Schulte
“SCHULTE” (Michael Schulte) is that one loser with a Pee Wee lunchbox because he didn’t have a childhood, he is a sage of the freak dogma constantly questioning human social behaviors. He’s one of those cliché ‘individuals’ who likes art (duh) but is too lazy to paint anything and his fixation on avant-garde photography is far from original (duh). He likes blogs but doesn’t even have one (such a loser). When it comes to journalism, he prefers anything controversial akin to the likes of Vice, bring out the taboo and avoid the obvious. So this is basically his first year of journalism and it’s going to be productive, okay.

Michael Schulte, Staff Writer

Nov 22, 2013
The Burning of Rome Returns (Story)
Sep 23, 2013
SDA Gets a New Assistant Principal (Story)
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