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A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

April 23, 2018

I had concerns walking in to the movie, “A Quiet Place”. Not only was I running late to the showing, but of course I had to sit behind an obnoxiously loud group of teens, which wasn’t ideal during...

English teacher Kerri Leonard presents the new

New Gun Safety Protocol

March 30, 2018

Teachers and staff members were given the task of explaining the reformed gun safety procedures during homeroom over the course of the week of March 26-30. The presentations took place in the form of power...

The gallery displays art by students and focuses on themes related to womanhood, including this piece by junior Bridget Brightfield.

Femininity and Coming of Age in the Modern Era

March 15, 2018

In honor of Women’s History Month, senior Vanessa Machin created an art gallery next to the Mosaic with a collection of pieces from various artists titled “Femininity and Coming of Age in the Modern...



March 15, 2018

One of the commentaries on the art pieces.


March 15, 2018

One of the commentaries on the art pieces.



March 15, 2018



March 15, 2018

Students, teachers, and administrators gathered to connect during lunch Wednesday.

We Connect Wednesdays

March 9, 2018

The room was completely full with over 20 students. The desks that once held binders instead held Jenga towers that swayed with every move, and on the sides of the table were various different snacks....

Long Live The King

Long Live The King

February 26, 2018

Children, adults, teenagers, and elderly couples shuffled into the theater, preparing to watch one of the most anticipated Marvel movies yet. Seats were hard to come by, but it made sense seeing as how...

Social studies teacher Jaime Duck dressed up at Stimson to gain extra points for her homeroom during the Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Brings Students Together

December 8, 2017

The bell rang and students dashed across the halls in search for erasable pens, middle school IDs, a dictionary, and many more in order to gain the success of their homerooms. The annual Homeroom Olympics...

Blood Drive Experiences

November 28, 2017

At different points through the day, students went to donate blood in the gymnasium. Gurneys were placed on foam mats, where the nurses would draw blood and attend to the dazed students. Purpose: Overall,...

The #metoo movement has raised awareness about sexual assault both globally and at SDA

#metoo Movement Brings Awareness to Sexual Assault

October 31, 2017

The increasing number of rape allegations toward director Harvey Weinstein caused celebrities to open up about their experiences with sexual harassment/assault in Hollywood by posting #metoo.  These...

Miss Lauryn Hill and Nas Collaborate for “Powernomics” Concert

October 26, 2017

Miss Lauryn Hill and Nas teamed up to do a tour which they labeled “Powernomics” after a book regarding the racial economic differences in America. The tour came to SDSU on October 3. The concert consisted...

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