The Mustang

Reiko Inouye
My name is Reiko Inouye. Pronunciation: Ray-co. Not Rico or Ryco or Rocko…if you say Rocko you’re not even trying. I am a newbie. This is my first year in journalism. I wish I could say I can hold my breath under water for 7 minutes while knitting my cat a sweater or that I am a undefeated lightweight champion in kickboxing or I climbed Mt. Everest while doing a handstand with my eyes closed but unfortunately none of those talents are true…although if anyone else claims they can do something remotely similar they are probably lying. Well now you know…basically nothing about me but I prefer conversations with people then writing about myself. Come meet me if you dare to learn more. I’m the half-asian kid who occasionally dresses like a hobo. Hard to miss.

Reiko Inouye, Staff Writer

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