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Hanson photographed showcasing herself traveling, which is one of her favorite hobbies

Meet Stephanie Hanson, SDA’s newest math teacher

We interviewed Stephanie Hanson to get to know the person she is aside from teaching

September 29, 2021

Stephanie Hanson’s passion for teaching first started in kindergarten when her father took her on an adventure to the teacher supply store. Ever since her trip to the supply store, playing teacher at home with her older sister was never the same. Although Hanson tutored kids during high school and college, she set aside her love for educating children and instead went on a pre-law track. However, Hanson explained what refocused her attention on teaching: “I studied abroad in India at college, and then when I got home it all clicked. Working with those kids fully shifted my focus.” 

Hanson’s first teaching job took place in San Francisco, where she taught math at a high school for six years, specifically ninth and eleventh grade. Hanson explained that she loved teaching there, but something about San Diego always drew her back. “2020 was a weird year. I think I am really happy that I left San Diego for a while, but I think I appreciate it even more to be back.”

Teaching virtually posed numerous frustrations for Hanson. As cameras were not required in her classes, the majority of her students did not have them on. Hanson said, ¨we were all surviving last year, I don’t know what everyone’s situation was, but it was just so hard when you’re trying to make something engaging like calling on a kid and then there’s just no response. I felt like I was talking to myself all day.” 

This is Hanson’s First year at San Dieguito Academy, and she has been loving it so far. Her favorite part of the SDA community is the supportive environment, both for the students and teachers. She was happy to see students welcoming each other in such a positive way, and was surprised at the amount of kids with good manners. Hanson loves the way that when new kids come into her class, where in her words, everyone “helps each other out.”  

Teaching at two different schools across the state has given Hansen a perspective on the different education students are receiving. When asked what she believed the biggest problem was with the current education system is, she said that it was how drastically different the education an individual receives depends on where they live. Since teaching in the San Dieguito Union High School District, Hanson recognizes that it offers a good education and believes that everyone deserves that type of education.  

Even though this is Hanson’s first year at SDA, she said she already feels welcome and is thoroughly enjoying the SDA community and culture.

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