Lots of Locks


Melody Sobhani

Junior Lizzie Urbina has her hair cut by Detour Salon employees for charity.

By Leigh Houck, Staff Writer

“Snip Snip,” go the scissors, and the excited girl opens her eyes, lifts her head, and sweeps her newly shorn blond bob over her shoulder. She hops off the stage to the admiring cheers of the crowd and the reassuring praise of her friends.

On March 28, San Dieguito Academy held its yearly Locks of Love charity event. For the past four years, stylists from local Detour Salon, located on the Highway 101, have volunteered their time and skills to rubber band and then chop off the required 10  inches of hair. The locks are then sent to the Locks of Love organization, which will subsequently turn the hair donations from charitable Mustangs into wigs for children suffering from hair loss. A large crowd of onlookers and 18 long-haired Mustangs turned out for the event.

One of the 18 hair donors, sophomore Emma Daughters, sophomore, said excitedly of her new style, “It feels so weird.  I’ve never had my hair short before! My hair has always been long; I don’t remember a time when it was short.”

Another participant, sophomore Maddie Williams, was also very positive about her decision to donate her hair: “I just feel like, why wouldn’t I? They deserve it more than I do. I mean, why not? My hair will grow back, theirs won’t.”

In addition to the warm feelings from contributing to a good cause, all hair donors received a voucher for a free haircut at Detour Salon on Coast Highway 101.