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Collage photo of models during fashion week

2022 Trends Ranked

By Sienna Esnayra October 3, 2022

   2022 is the year of taking risks, whether they are in fashion or in everyday life. The current age allows for people to truly express themselves, but, as culture shifts, new trends are bound to come...

VG’s or Leucadia Donut Shoppe?

VG’s or Leucadia Donut Shoppe?

By Delilah Sonnenshein September 30, 2022

Encinitas has many remarkable doughnut shops - which, as a doughnut enthusiast, I emphatically support. But in conversation, it’s usually two places that people speak fondly of most often - VG Donut...

Paxton and Devi together

Team Paxton vs. Team Ben

By Liana DiLauro, Opinions Editor September 29, 2022

SPOILER, IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED NEVER HAVE I EVER, PROCEED WITH CAUTION: We all know the “bad boy” of high school, and in this situation, it happens to be Paxton Hall Yosheda.  Paxton’s charm and...

Fandango in a Sanctuary.

New play captures immigration, community

By Dylan Bunyak, Ana Cabrera, and Sophie Love September 26, 2022
In many ways, the play feels like a museum of immigration stories-each well explained and embodied.
Opening scene from Come Fall in Love

Bollywood musical dazzles at San Diego theater

By Dylan Bunyak, Staff Writer September 16, 2022
In the first five minutes, the stage exploded into colorful fabric, painted flowers, hand-sewn sequins, and joyful dance. And that was basically how the rest of the show went. 
Disney logo

Top 10 greatest Disney movies of all time

By Holden Abelmann, Staff Writer September 12, 2022
My all time favorite Disney animated classics!
Leslie Grace as Batgirl

“Batgirl”: Pulled from the Big Screens

By Brooke Stealey September 9, 2022

On August 2nd, 2022, Warner Brothers Discovery shocked the entertainment industry with the scrapping of “Batgirl'' from HBO Max and in theaters. The upcoming DC film was in post-production when the new...

Heartstopper comics created into a Netflix series

LGBTQ Representation in “Heartstopper”

By Casey Harper, Junior CAF Editor August 30, 2022

"Heartstopper'' immediately rose in popularity among the LGBTQ+ community and allies when released onto Netflix on April 22, 2022. The show is known to have some of the best LGBTQ+ representation in media...

New avatars in Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports: Overview

By Zachary Christian, Staff Writer May 3, 2022

The classic Wii Sports video game is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch under the title “Nintendo Switch Sports.” The game will contain a few modes from the original, tennis being the most popular,...

Mei as a red panda was supported by her friends.

Turning Red Review

By Skyler Martin, Arts Editor May 1, 2022

Released February 21 on Disney+, “Turning Red” is a new Pixar movie about Meilin, a 13 year old Chinese-Canadian student who lives in Toronto with her overbearing mother and shy father. Mei helps her...

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