The Mustang

Some of the chalk art created by seniors

Senior Chalk the Lot

By Emily Broyles, Managing/Features Editor September 7, 2021

The class of 2022 was invited to their first senior event. It was time to decorate their parking spots however they wanted with chalk. Students came together to create artwork in the back lot. There were...

Baseball players celebrate on the Don Crickmore field

San Dieguito baseball advances to CIF after ten years

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor June 4, 2021
San Dieguito Academy baseball will advance to the CIF after winning 3 to 4 against Mission Vista in the Avocado East League on June 3.
Brice wearing a mask outfit

Exhibition Day 2021

By Andrew Sinclair, Staff Writer June 2, 2021
Many students showed up on campus to experience this facet of school culture today. Students set up stands to show off their artistic talents, sell unique creations, and support causes in our community.
seniors comedy sportz on zoom

Comedy Sportz celebrates Senior Night

By Caroline Wagner, Staff Writer May 24, 2021
Comedy Sportz played their last game of the season on May 22. They celebrated Senior Night and nominated next year’s club leaders.
Group of dancers raising their hands

Second Annual Dance Ensemble

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor May 20, 2021
San Dieguito Dance team danced to a choreography by Nico DeJesus outside the PAC on May 13 and May 14
two boys giving a speech

Battle of the Bands Finale

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor May 18, 2021
Phipher won this year’s Battle of the Bands, followed by Jobb in second and Kraken in third place.
guys with a guitar, drumset, and more

Day Four: Battle of the Bands

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor May 12, 2021
Kraken wrapped up Battle of the Bands by playing a few cover songs like "Float On" by Modest Mouse during lunch today.
four band performers with crowd in front

Day Three: Battle of the Bands

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor May 11, 2021
Two acts played today at lunch for the third day. Jobb kicked off with "Are You Going to be My Girl?" by Jet and encouraged students to dance. Panacea performed next with a mini drum solo amping up the crowd with wild roars.
students sitting on the grass while watching in the pac

Day Two: Battle of the Bands

By Kylie Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief May 10, 2021
Dortt and Doll Riot battled it out for the best band at San Dieguito Academy during lunch on May 10.
ramps and people scattered around the san dieguito quad

Skate Demo

By Skyler Martin, Staff Writer May 6, 2021
San Dieguito’s Academy annual Skate Demo was held during lunch in front of the gym and Math & Science building today
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