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Why audiobooks should be used more often

By Liana DiLauro, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

Ever dread reading a book due to the lack of an adequate attention span?  Audiobooks are the solution to those who simply cannot focus.  By hearing the book and interpreting it as the audio reader talks,...

A frustrated students opinions on Board Trustee Michael Allman

A frustrated student’s opinions on Board Trustee Michael Allman

By Landon Block, Guest Contributor April 27, 2022
Disclaimer: The opinions stated in this article are mine and mine alone. They are not published in an effort to fulfill an agenda or satisfy any external organization. To my knowledge, any facts stated are true, and any opinions stated are fully believed and thoughtfully researched. 
San Dieguito Academy book store room

Required Reading at School

By Caroline Wagner, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

English class has the unique ability to make or break someone’s love of reading. Sometimes, the books read in school are the only books a student will read for the year. Therefore, required reading needs...

The tie-dye micro trend became popular early 2020

Microtrends and Social Media

By Caroline Wagner, Staff Writer January 31, 2022

By the time someone has bought something deemed “trendy” on a social media platform, it has already lost its popularity. Microtrends, trends that gain popularity very quickly but die just as fast,...

Prospective students tour the Harvard campus

Opinion: You can be successful without an elite university

By Isabelle Slentz, Arts Editor January 31, 2022

As time in high school quickly starts to come to an end for upperclassmen, burgeoning decisions regarding our future start to become more stressful; specifically, college decisions. The accumulation of...

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Opinion: Take a free fourth period, not a free first

By Ruthie Bell, Features Editor January 27, 2022

Every spring, when class selection begins, students ponder the idea of having a free period. They can choose to have a free fourth period or a free first period. The ever-present question is: which is...

Lets be real. We never follow through on these lists we make.

Are New Year’s resolutions the best thing for 2022?

By Isabelle Slentz, Staff Writer December 21, 2021

Next year, I’m finally getting my life back on track. I’m going to lose “x” number of pounds, stop procrastinating, start eating healthier, and cut out all the distractions. Next year, I’ll be...

Students debate if they need to participate more than they already are

Why participation points should be thought of differently

By Cooper Hamann, Staff Writer December 20, 2021

Although participation points have been known to have students less focused on the actual schoolwork, participation points should be allowed to help students realize the skills they should be building...

What has been happening with the SDA Instagram accounts?

What has been happening with the SDA Instagram accounts?

By Maya Gallego, Staff Writer December 16, 2021

These school-based accounts started off as practical jokes, but eventually escalated into platforms for judgement. Some of the many non-official accounts are funny, and not hurtful to anyone, but there...

Top Thanksgiving food

Top Thanksgiving food

By Casey Harper, Staff Writer November 16, 2021

Thanksgiving is the best holiday for hungry people and everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving foods. There are so many Thanksgiving foods: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin...

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