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Jack-O-Lanterns. Courtesy of GettyImages

Halloween is the best holiday

By Mia Racine, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

While we are in the midst of October, I’ve been thinking a lot about Halloween. As fall continues, stretching into shorter days and colder nights, I am reminded of elaborate elementary school costumes,...

Alcatraz prison on Alcatraz Island. Courtesy of the San Francisco Examiner

Urban legends are perfect for Halloween

By Ana Rangel, Staff Writer October 18, 2021

Halloween houses begin to be decorated with spooky objects like witches, webs covering the house, skeletons staring at your soul, pumpkins carved with horrific faces, and ghosts with their white fabric....

Phone pockets.

Opinion: Phone pockets are unproductive

By Ruthie Bell, Staff Writer October 5, 2021

It’s the first day of school; everybody is buzzing with excitement that will soon dissipate. Walking into your first class, you see a repurposed calculator holder numbered on the wall. Here we go again....

For some, driving isn’t something that makes them happy.

Opinion: You don’t need to drive as a teen

By Mia Racine, Staff Writer October 4, 2021

A driver’s license- it’s the thing every teen is expected to want, but not everyone is as inclined as Olivia Rodrigo. As my high school years go on, I’ve become more and more aware of general...

SDAs Wednesday bell schedule

Opinion: Late Start vs Hour Lunch

By Megan Pusl, Staff Writer September 27, 2021

Late starts have been a critical part of the SDA schedule for the past several years. They began as a way for students to get the optimal 8 hours of sleep at least one night a week. Walking into the first...

Conflict at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

What could we have done to prevent the chaotic withdrawal of U.S forces in Afghanistan?

By Charlie Lain, Staff Writer September 20, 2021

The chaos surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan was inevitable. The removal from Afghanistan was chaotic, but the withdrawal date that was negotiated by the Trump administration with the Taliban...

California Governor Gavin Newsom passed a law requiring that high schools start no earlier than 8:30 A.M.

Opinion: The Problem With Bringing Back Early Start Times

By Isabelle Slentz, Staff Writer September 17, 2021
Tired of being so tired all the time? So are most people.
Three SDA students help Max Vennemeyer  rescue the Frida Kahlo trash can.

Opinion: Pretty Trashy

By Max Vennemeyer, Today at SDA Editor September 13, 2021

“Kobe!” a student says, tossing their cardboard school pizza tray, indistinguishable by taste from the pizza itself, into SDA’s beautifully painted trash cans. But like their dreams of being a basketball...

Scientists testing an injection on a rabbit. Courtesy of InVitro International

Opinion: What it means to ignore Animal Testing

By Ana Rangel, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

When we enter stores, we see millions of products. Perfumes that give us a scent of heaven, skin products that make our skin glow, with hair products that make our hair clean and fresh. As well as makeup...

Putting environmentalist pressure on the individual.

Opinion: Gatekeeping Environmentalism is More Harmful Than You Think

By Mia Racine, Staff Writer September 7, 2021

We’ve all heard them. The nagging voices of Instagram influencers telling us we can’t use any single-use plastic again and the YouTube celebrities who guilt-trip their audiences for buying from fast...

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