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Mischievous girl sips Starbucks drink

Why Starbucks is so addictive…

By Kate Russell, Staff Writer May 25, 2023
What do you really know about the Starbucks menu?
Political cartoon drawn by Rose Wong

Arming Teachers is not the Answer

By Joy Ruppert, Staff Writer May 24, 2023

Arming teachers is not the answer to school violence. There is a false idea that arming teachers and school staff will make our schools safe but arguably an armed teacher cannot, in a moment of extreme...

Books that have sparked controversy

Why YA Romance needs to stop romanticizing toxic relationships

By Shanti Henderson, Staff writer May 17, 2023

In 2022, the highest-grossing literary genre was romance, and with the explosion of readers on TikTok with hashtags such as “BookTok”, young adult novels intended for those between the ages of 12 and...

JoJos Creamery ice cream on display

We all scream for ice cream

By Rowan McFadden, Staff Writer May 11, 2023

Well, the countdown for summer break is on! Summer break means beach days, exotic vacations, and sunny days filled with friends and…ice cream. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally LOVE ice...

Hogwarts Legacy screenshot

“Harry Potter” Boycotts, the Game Industry, and the Public Voice

By Kadie McAndrew, Staff Writer March 27, 2023

  “The Harry Potter” franchise recently made its first step into the gaming industry with “Hogwarts Legacy,” a high-budget fantasy experience finally released after years of delays from...

DI-Why not?

DI-Why not?

March 10, 2023

I have never bought a birthday cake from a store. From my experiences working in a bakery, I know that professionally made cakes are not worth the expense. When we imagine how a cake is made in a bakery,...

Should college be free?

Should college be free?

By Brooke Stealey, News Editor February 28, 2023
The pros and cons of a tuition free college education
Comeback Player of the Year Candidate Geno Smith before a game.

NFL Playoff Chase

By Will Warren, Staff Writer December 21, 2022

December is here, and as that may be a relaxing month to enjoy the holidays for most, it is an intense race for playoff contention for many teams in the NFL. For fans, it makes football even more exciting,...

Friends, The Holiday Armadillo

The best winter TV

By Sienna Esnayra and Taylor Belanich December 16, 2022

Rewatching the same Christmas movies year after year grows increasingly boring. Maybe they're classics for a reason, but in our opinion, most holiday movies feel bland after watching them several times...

Photo of father yelling at child.

How Praise Affects Children

By Liana DiLauro, Opinions Editor November 2, 2022
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