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An example of a vision board.

How-To: Vision Board Edition

By Sarina Sonnenshein, Staff Writer
December 20, 2023

      We all have aspirations for the upcoming year, but often, we struggle to put them into action. If you tend to have big goals, but find yourself falling short of them, a visual reminder may be...

A word art piece about gratitude.

Gratitude on the Brain

By Sarina Sonnenshein, Staff Writer
November 27, 2023

      On Thanksgiving Day, people often share and show their appreciation. However, if we try to focus on gratitude daily instead of annually, its various benefits on mental and physical health can...

A rainbow of colors!

The Role of Art in Child Development

By Sarina Sonnenshein, Staff Writer
October 23, 2023

     Many of us can likely recall making handprint paintings, playing with clay, or coloring at some point in our early childhood, but the true impact this made on our lives probably wasn’t understood....

A fall-themed monthly log for September.

Bullet Journaling

By Sarina Sonnenshein, Staff Writer
September 14, 2023

            There are a lot of ways to organize your life online these days - digital calendars, note-taking apps, and a variety of other websites and programs. But for paper-pencil people,...

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