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DI-Why not?

DI-Why not?

March 10, 2023

I have never bought a birthday cake from a store. From my experiences working in a bakery, I know that professionally made cakes are not worth the expense. When we imagine how a cake is made in a bakery,...

Thorium Reactors

Thorium Reactors

By Ryan Dunwell, Features Editor February 16, 2023

It was 1987 near the Pennsylvanian capital of Harrisburg when, at 4 am on an early March morning, Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant went into partial meltdown. According to the National...

ADHD In Students

By Cesar Ramales, Staff Writer December 22, 2022
How students with ADHD handle school life
Money-Saving Holiday Tips

Money-Saving Holiday Tips

By Jenna Wilson-Levin, Editor-in-Chief & News/Opinions Editor December 8, 2022

The holiday season can be stressful for many reasons: seeing family, buying gifts, cooking, and more. As students, this anxiety can be intense since we don’t have steady incomes. I hope to relieve some...

Athletics without the mental benefits

High school sports and mental health

By Ana Cabrera, Staff Writer December 6, 2022

High school sports. They boost serotonin and reduce cortisol. They create a sense of community and bonding. They teach teenagers life skills surrounding responsibility and perseverance. They’re also...

Autonomous cars could provide safe and reliable transport for everyone

Self-Driving Cars

By Haden Macdonald, Staff Writer October 25, 2022
The (potential) future of transportation
Latinx used in the 2019 Capital Pride Parade in DC

The talk around “Latinx”

By Ana Cabrera, Staff Writer October 24, 2022

Labels are unifying; they establish common ground between large populations and are a fundamental part of our identity. When labels undergo change, it signals a shift in the identity of a population. That’s...

Microchips are very important for technology

Plugged into technology: The impact of a connected world

By Ryan Dunwell October 3, 2022
To put a long story short, the US was willing to invest in pretty much anything to win.
Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Inflation Reduction Act

By Ana Cabrera, Staff Writer September 17, 2022

The Inflation Reduction act is a piece of legislation that empowers Medicare officials and lowers prescription drug prices. Its provisions "appear to be the most substantial changes to health policy since...

The SDA community participates in the first forum meeting of the year

SDA Community Award is in the works

By Olin Neale and Logan Kechter September 12, 2022
New SDA Community Award being used to recognize exceptional students
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