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Mischievous girl sips Starbucks drink

Why Starbucks is so addictive…

By Kate Russell, Staff Writer May 25, 2023
What do you really know about the Starbucks menu?
The Easter Platypus in all its glory

The secret superiority of the platypus

By Rowan McFadden, Staff Writer March 30, 2023

We all know the story of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny goes around each year and hides eggs around the houses of boys and girls all across the country. I mean it’s a little odd, but most people...

SDA students congregate at the function.

Volume 2: How to ask someone to Formal

By Ava DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief/CAF Editor February 6, 2023
Do I hear “Family Ties” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar?
The leads of San Diego Civic Youth Ballets Nutcracker production.

Pretty Much a Kidnapping

By Delilah Sonnenshein December 20, 2022
The beloved Nutcracker - but from a more realistic perspective.
Spotify wrapped says a lot

What Your Spotify Wrapped Says About You

By Casey Harper, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

One of the many amazing things about Spotify is that it wraps up your entire year of listening every December. It shows you how many minutes you listened, your top artists, songs, and genres. It also tells...

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

We ranked world cup songs

By Logan Kechter and Olin Neale December 12, 2022
Here is a list of the best world cup songs determined by us, ranked 1-5 with 1 being the best and 5 being the 5th best
 After Elon Musk revealed the new Tesla robot, memes exploded online, some of which compared the machine to those from the movie I, Robot.

Conspiracy Corner: Elon Musk is going to take over the world

By Evan Ballow, Opinions/Sports Editor November 4, 2021

Hunched over my desk in a dusty corner of the Mustang’s newsroom, I lament the lack of recent cases to crack. My pencil traipses through the air as I thumb through papers by the dozens, and a fly bumbles...

Trisha, themself.

Journey of Trisha Paytas

By Casey Harper, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

Trisha Paytas is the world's smartest internet star. They are a YouTube star and an amazing singer. They have had many ups and downs, but they are very successful and don't get any hate at all. If you...

The new Starbucks fall drink collection was released on Aug. 24th.

Starbucks Fall Flavors Review

By Piper Nilsen, CAF Editor September 9, 2021
It’s fall, which means time for Starbucks’ fall flavors! But is that actually a good thing?
Black cup, brown cup, and white cup lined in a row

Battle of the Beans: Which Encinitas coffee shop will win?

By Halle Devine, Staff Writer May 7, 2021

Before COVID, I liked coffee. Since COVID, I NEED COFFEE. It takes copious amounts of coffee to stay remotely engaged in school, looking at 2-D, two-inch square versions of my classmates through a 15-inch...

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