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What would a day on campus look like?

POV: On campus without a pandemic (Part 1)

By Olivia Lyons and Rayelyn Burrell February 23, 2021

Disclaimer: This experience is not 100% realistic; this combination of classes is not necessarily possible. It is tailored to highlight some of the universal pleasantries on campus. At the same time, though,...


What the signs did on Valentine’s Day

By Piper Nilsen and Emily Broyles February 19, 2021

Here is how the signs spent the day: Aries: Yelled at anyone who even mentioned it was Valentine's Day. Taurus: Had a valentine and went on a cute dinner date. Gemini: Reminiscing about how...

I love my grandparents to pieces, but sometimes I wish they took an etiquette course on social media before deciding to follow me

A Highschooler’s Guide Teaching Grandparents Social Media

By Kaya Simcoe, Staff Writer January 16, 2021
I love my grandparents to pieces, but sometimes I wish they took an etiquette course on social media before deciding to follow me
2021 Image Decorative

21 things happening in 2021

By Kate Paxton and Piper Nilsen January 15, 2021

Isn’t this year just iconic for our column? Well, we think it is, so let’s start strong into this new year with 21 things you should care about this year.   January 20th: Biden’s Inauguration...

Best 2020 Moments from Students

Best 2020 Moments from Students

By Emily Broyles and Piper Nilsen January 2, 2021

2020 has been an interesting year for everyone. There were highs and lows that contributed to the overall experience. SDA students shared some of their most memorable moments from this year.   Most...

Holiday Small Business Gift Guide

Holiday Small Business Gift Guide

By Avery Wanzenried , Staff Writer December 18, 2020
Guide to helping you pick out the perfect gift for your loved ones this year!
Halloween CAF cover

Which Halloween Animal are You?

By Skyler Martin, Staff Writer December 10, 2020
Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean you can’t get ready for next year!

How the signs acted last Halloween

By Isabella Thierry , Staff Writer December 7, 2020
Last Halloween, the signs all got themselves into the spirit of the spooky holiday. Well, let's just say some did more than others... 
Is it just me, or am I seeing double? Photo courtesy of

Hallmark Movie Bingo

By Kylie Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2020


Thanksgiving Turkey

How Not to Start a Fight With Your Family on Thanksgiving

By Gigi Lea, Staff Writer November 26, 2020

I understand that sometimes being with family is a little frustrating.  You need some good topics that aren't going to start full-on fist fights with your family. The most obvious topic is what are you...

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