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Volume 2: How to ask someone to Formal

Do I hear “Family Ties” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar?

February 6, 2023

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been there (or actually, probably not). There’s this special person that you’ve just been yearning to spend more time with. What better way to do so then by asking them to accompany you to the hottest event of the school year, Prom! Yeah, I can’t really think of anything better than that, so how about the second hottest event of the year, Winter Formal! Ah, there is truly nothing better than a bunch of sweaty teenagers jumping awkwardly in a circle to “Mo Bamba.”  I thought an appropriate way to honor this holiday would be to continue my yearly constitution of ways to ask someone to Formal. So here you have it; here are three more creative ways to ask that special someone to the second hottest event of the school year.  


Airdrop it to them

This first option is a perfect reflection of the effect that technology has on our everyday lives. And what makes it even better is that it requires minimal face-to-face interaction! It’s simple, really. First, craft up a little note in your phone proposing the big question. What I’ve come to learn over the past few years is that less is more, so don’t worry about adding any frilly details. This next step is the most crucial step in my opinion, and requires a listen investigating, so pay attention. Get very close to the person, but don’t let them know you’re in their presence. Some places this could be done could be at school, under their car, or in their bedroom. Then, when you feel that the moment is just right, AirDrop your proposal over. That special someone will be sure to appreciate the effort and planning that went into this one. This critically-acclaimed method has a success rate of approximately 100%, due to its charismatic nature. Feel free to give it a shot, and shoot me an email about how it goes. 


Reuse someone else’s

What’s a true friendship without being able to do everything absolutely together? Nothing (I assume)! In my opinion, true friends let each other reap the benefits of their work without having to do anything at all. I am ALL for “freeloading,” if you will, and that’s why I impersonally endorse this next ‘formposal’ idea. Let me paint you a picture: your BFF just planned out a super-elaborate proposal in order to ask their crush to Formal. That’s right, and they’re even about to AirDrop it to them. Why not spare yourself some of the pre-planning stress by mooching off of your bestie’s work? Once they’re done with their proposal, ask to use whatever materials they used, such as their note in their phone. If they went the more unique route, do not be afraid to steal back that poster from their date’s garage. It’s not like it’s a keepsake or whatever. Anyways, I digress. Your date will surely be impressed by your resourcefulness and eco-friendliness. Score!


Just assume you’re going together

If the manifesting didn’t quite work out for you, do not fret. Sometimes, the best way to ask someone to Formal is to not ask at all. This option requires no pre-planning and no chance of rejection; what else could you want from a Formposal? Skip the ‘asking’ and go straight to the ‘going’ with this one. There’s really no instructions to follow, just show up at their house before the dance and be assertive. If you really want to take it to the next level, find out what color suit or dress they’re wearing and be sure to intentionally match to prove your dedication. And if you’re really dedicated, why not buy them a corsage or boutonniere as well? That way, they’re locked in. Plus, who doesn’t prioritize materialistic things? I’m not really sure, so that’s why this one is foolproof in my eyes. And with that I say, good luck!

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