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Ronnie, pictured above, during her musical peak in 1964.

The tumultuous life of Ronnie Spector

January 25, 2022
The Ronettes’ singer passes away at age 78, after a life of stardom and abuse
The remastered album makes a return 40 years after its initial release

“Tattoo You” Review: Revisiting the album 40 years later

November 12, 2021
From guitar-smashing rock hits to eccentric ballads, the Rolling Stones’ 16th album still has all its charm
Tournament games took place during lunch Sept. 20-23

3v3 Soccer Tournament

September 24, 2021
SDA students and staff competed in the annual soccer tournament put on by ASB
The Rolling Stones drummer of almost 60 years passed away Aug. 24th, 2021

Once a Stone, always a Stone: Remembering Charlie Watts

August 26, 2021
The world says goodbye to one of the most influential drummers of all time
girls with white shirts and shorts with equipment huddling together on the grass

What it’s like being a student athlete during COVID-19

April 28, 2021
Why coming back for my second season has been my best decision this year
In the past two decades, sitcoms, cartoons, and dramas have fronted the kids television scene

The evolution of children’s TV show humor

March 22, 2021
How Disney and Nickelodeon are taking strides towards more inclusive content for their audiences
Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier and Cop Copine pieces like these are trending on online retail shops such as eBay and Depop

The Demand to Dress Different

February 21, 2021
How fashion individuality has fueled a demand for vintage designer clothing
British singer-songwriter Graham Nash (right) listens to recordings from his debut album Songs for Beginners in early 1971

Five underrated albums turning 50 in 2021

February 8, 2021
It's never too late to appreciate old music that's been overlooked
Another Ofrenda displayed at school.

SDA brings Día de los Muertos to the students

November 1, 2019

San Dieguito Academy students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional Mexican culture during a Día de los Muertos festival taking place during homeroom and lunch. In front of the Arts...

Students and staff competed in a life-size version of Hungry Hippos.

Spaghetti with lotion, a broken skateboard, and an impromptu buzzcut: Homecoming Assembly

October 11, 2019

All SDA students gathered in the gym this Friday for the Haunted Homecoming assembly. The rally gave students the opportunity to watch and engage in ASB organized games, student life videos, and to see...

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