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Spotify wrapped says a lot

What Your Spotify Wrapped Says About You

Your minutes, genres, and top artists say a LOT

December 19, 2022

One of the many amazing things about Spotify is that it wraps up your entire year of listening every December. It shows you how many minutes you listened, your top artists, songs, and genres. It also tells you your musical personality. These characteristics say a lot about your personality.

If you listened over 100,000 minutes this year, you definitely have an emotional attachment to your headphones. 100,000 minutes in a year is about four and a half hours a day if you listen to music everyday. You probably have hearing loss from blasting music in your ears and you have gone through multiple emo phases from always having your headphones in.

If your music personality is the Connoisseur, you most likely have a huge ego. Spotify describes the Connoisseur as the music taste that everyone can get behind, so when this musical personality showed up on your wrapped, your ego got even bigger. You aren’t afraid to be in charge of aux on road trips because you are very proud of your music taste, even though it’s probably extremely basic.

If your top artist was Taylor Swift or Harry Styles, you make it your entire personality. You probably don’t shut up about being a fan and need everyone to know that you love one of these singers. You also think that your music taste is unique when in reality, it’s also pretty basic. You also probably got the Connoisseur as your music personality.

If your top genre was country music, you are the kind of person to wear boots and a cowboy hat to school. You either make it known that you’re a fan of country music or you do everything you can to hide it. You either know that it is the most uncreative form of music or you can’t stop yourself from only singing in a southern accent, even if the song isn’t country.

If your top song was “Bad Habit”, “As it Was”, or “Running Up that Hill”, you are a TikTok addict. The only reason that these songs would be your #1 would be because you started listening from TikTok and couldn’t stop. Let’s be honest, you don’t actually like these songs. You listen to them because you already heard them so many times on TikTok that you tricked yourself into thinking you do like them.

Spotify’s Wrapped feature shows you your music taste but also says a lot about your personality. However, I think I might explode if I see one more Spotify Wrapped post on Instagram.

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