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My favorite subject, math, depicted with all its wacky convolutions on display

How I gaslit myself into passing my math test

By Sophie Love, Editor-in-chief
February 23, 2024

For 384 days, I did absolutely no math. That is to say, 0% of my time was spent doing math. In a graph of the time I spent doing math, where the y-axis represents time and the x-axis represents the amount...

Quotation marks galore!

Where Have All the Quotation Marks Gone?

By Sophie Love, Editor-in-chief
December 1, 2023

The trend of dropping quotation marks from dialogue has become increasingly popular amongst authors of the contemporary literature genre. This development was brought into the BookTok spotlight with Sally...

Students take an AP test

AP exams get even more complicated than we thought

By Sophie Love, Editor in Cheif
November 1, 2023

Here at San Dieguito Academy, it is common for students to stack their schedule with advanced placement courses. We do this in the name of boosting our GPAs, obtaining college credits, enhancing our college...

A woman with bright red hair appears speaking in front of a crowd of strikers, with red spray-paint stencils of the New York Times logo behind her.

New York Times staff strikes

By Dylan Bunyak and Sophie Love
December 8, 2022

The journalists are on strike; typesetters are on strike; film critics; photojournalists; editors; in fact, over 1,100 New York Times employees, under their union (the NewsGuild of New York) walked out...

Kristina Wong, a Chinese-American woman, stands center, holding her phone in front of a projected map of the US.

Wong’s one-woman wonder

By Dylan Bunyak and Sophie Love
October 11, 2022
In a single follow-spot, surrounded by giant spools of thread, pin cushions, and her Hello Kitty sewing machine, Kristina Wong ends her one-woman show at the La Jolla Playhouse by contemplating with the audience.
Fandango in a Sanctuary.

New play captures immigration, community

By Dylan Bunyak, Ana Cabrera, and Sophie Love
September 26, 2022
In many ways, the play feels like a museum of immigration stories-each well explained and embodied.
An Encinitas beach

Encinitas Climate Action Plan

By Sophie Love, Staff Writer
April 25, 2022
New guidelines to combat climate change
Juniors Julia Morrow and Ella Alexander sport pink looks in honor of breast cancer awareness

Class Color Wednesday

By Sophie Love, Staff Writer
March 10, 2022
Each grade dressed up in symbolic colors for yesterday’s spirit day
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