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Athletics without the mental benefits

High school sports and mental health

By Ana Cabrera, Staff Writer
December 6, 2022

High school sports. They boost serotonin and reduce cortisol. They create a sense of community and bonding. They teach teenagers life skills surrounding responsibility and perseverance. They’re also...

Latinx used in the 2019 Capital Pride Parade in DC

The talk around “Latinx”

By Ana Cabrera, Staff Writer
October 24, 2022

Labels are unifying; they establish common ground between large populations and are a fundamental part of our identity. When labels undergo change, it signals a shift in the identity of a population. That’s...

Fandango in a Sanctuary.

New play captures immigration, community

By Dylan Bunyak, Ana Cabrera, and Sophie Love
September 26, 2022
In many ways, the play feels like a museum of immigration stories-each well explained and embodied.
Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Inflation Reduction Act

By Ana Cabrera, Staff Writer
September 17, 2022

The Inflation Reduction act is a piece of legislation that empowers Medicare officials and lowers prescription drug prices. Its provisions "appear to be the most substantial changes to health policy since...

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