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Today at SDA: Door decoration and dedicated dressers

By Max Vennemeyer, Today at SDA Editor
October 29, 2021

SDA had a haunted homeroom today, with teachers spooking up their doors and students trick-or-treating between classrooms. Ms. Foote won the door contest with her ocean-themed decorations. There...

Conan Lee, sophomore, wears a snazzy onesie for pajama day.

Pajama Day

By Maya Gallego and Max Vennemeyer
October 11, 2021

SDA students kicked off this year’s homecoming week in sleepy style. The morning started with coffee, chocolate pancakes, doughnut holes, and everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage: a fruit punch juice...

Students exploring all the available clubs

Fall Club Fair

By Max Vennemeyer, Today at SDA Editor
October 1, 2021

SDA kicked off its first homeroom event today with our annual club fair. Students showed off their clubs and competed for the attention of the hundreds of students milling about.  Students have created...

Three SDA students help Max Vennemeyer  rescue the Frida Kahlo trash can.

Opinion: Pretty Trashy

By Max Vennemeyer, Today at SDA Editor
September 13, 2021

“Kobe!” a student says, tossing their cardboard school pizza tray, indistinguishable by taste from the pizza itself, into SDA’s beautifully painted trash cans. But like their dreams of being a basketball...

Todays student forum in P2 was centered around CAASPP testing and other topics.

Students e-CAASPP-erated over CAASPP testing

By Manelle Touzni and Max Vennemeyer
May 2, 2019

Students discussed CAASPP testing, communication of school information, and potential bell schedule changes at the Forum meeting today during lunch in the painting room, P2. Juniors Joice He and Charlotte...

To find out what classroom you will be in next week for the testing block, see the lists which are outside of the office, the Mosaic Cafe, and in the Mustang Commons.

Gasp! It’s CAASPP

By Carolina Gutierrez and Max Vennemeyer
April 16, 2019

Next week, juniors will be doing CAASPP testing while freshmen, sophomores, and seniors participate in select activities during the testing block. Juniors will be doing Math assessments on Monday and...

SDAs Robotics team- Paradox 2102- celebrates their win of the Engineering Inspiration award.

Opinion: Houston? We don’t have a problem.

By Jenna Weinhofer and Max Vennemeyer
March 7, 2019

San Dieguito Academy’s robotics organization Team Paradox 2102 competed at the Del Mar Regional last weekend and qualified to compete in the FIRST World Championships in Houston in mid-April. Thirty-five...

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