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What has been happening with the SDA Instagram accounts?

What has been happening with the SDA Instagram accounts?

December 16, 2021

These school-based accounts started off as practical jokes, but eventually escalated into platforms for judgement. Some of the many non-official accounts are funny, and not hurtful to anyone, but there...

 “House of Gucci” cast

“House of Gucci” Review: Love, business, betrayal, and family

November 30, 2021
This article contains spoilers for “House of Gucci”
Conan Lee, sophomore, wears a snazzy onesie for pajama day.

Pajama Day

October 11, 2021

SDA students kicked off this year’s homecoming week in sleepy style. The morning started with coffee, chocolate pancakes, doughnut holes, and everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage: a fruit punch juice...

Poncherello playing at Belly Up Tavern

Meet the band: Poncherello

October 1, 2021

Meet Poncherello. Poncherello is a band composed entirely of current and previous faculty members in the Encinitas area, one of which being our own principal, Adam Camacho. In the band is singer Kaitlyn...

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