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Power Rangers 2017 Official Website

Power Rangers 2017 Official Website

Power Rangers Reboot Kicks Up Childhood Memories

April 7, 2017

It was easily one of the most anticipated movies this year. Something about a reboot of a childhood classic excites kids, and triggers a nostalgia most wouldn’t think a 16-year-old could have. Whether you religiously watched Power Rangers shows, or just couldn’t avoid the merchandising commercials, you can’t avoid hearing about this flick. But before you can chant “Go, Go Power Rangers!” should you even “Go, Go See the Movie?”

Let’s get one thing straight, this is no cinematic breakthrough. This isn’t the next Oscar winner for Best Picture, probably not even Best Costumes (can’t beat the original suits, Original Power Rangers 1, Reboot 0). But that doesn’t make the movie necessarily bad.

Though “Saban’s Power Rangers” is no brilliant victory for the color-coded heroes, it’s still enjoyable to watch. If you liked “Power Rangers” growing up, you’ll probably like it. The characters aren’t completely compelling, nor were they extremely well-developed, but nonetheless the movie was fun.

The movie follows the new cast of Power Rangers as they find themselves as the world’s new super heroes. There’s the conflicted ex-football player Red Ranger (Darce Montgomery), the mean girl turned heroine Pink Ranger (Naomi Scott), the quirky and loveable Blue Ranger (RJ Cyler), the edgy bad-boy type Black Ranger (Ludi Lin), and my personal favorite, the mysterious Yellow Ranger (Becky G).

The movie takes these familiar characters and their new actors/actresses on a journey as they struggle to work as a team. A montage of training fights and some teenage squabbles ensue, and soon the Rangers must work to stop the reborn Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), and stop her peculiar gold obsession and need for world domination.

But one of the more over-hyped aspects of the movie is the release of one of the characters being part of the LGBT community. The Yellow Ranger’s character received a lot of attention for the promise of a lesbian character in a mainstream movie, but though the promise was fulfilled, it’s nothing incredible. Simply put, the mainstream movie industry put forth another effort for LGBT characters, and drew in viewers for a two-minute segment of Becky G hinting at her love life. Close, but not what viewers were hoping for.

Overall, decide for yourself on this one. If you’re just looking for a fun teen movie with some explosions, go down and check it out. Bring a friend or two, laugh about the cliches, secretly feed your childhood nostalgia, get some dirty looks for whispering to each other in the theater, just take some time to be with friends.

After all, you don’t need to wear a Power Ranger suit to get the movie’s theme of friendship.

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