Actors Keep “Ghosted” Alive

While at first this show may seem like a low budget money grab, it does many things right. “Ghosted” features Craig Robinson and Adam Scott who you may recognize from “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” respectively.   

In the show, a former professor and police detective must team up to fight the paranormal in L.A. Although the plot sounds cheesy at first, “Ghosted” does a good job at executing it. It uses witty and somewhat cheesy humor to distract the viewer from the underwhelming plot.

“Ghosted” also uses a moderate amount of special effects to illustrate alien landings and other supernatural phenomena. These are subpar but not as bad as many others such as CW’s “The Flash.”

The show makes up for some of these faults with an interesting techno soundtrack which is subtle but stands out among the low budget T.V. shows. Its soundtrack can be compared to the hit show “Stranger Things” but it’s not as well executed.

“Ghosted” also appeals to the audience with its cinematography. For example when the professor and the mall cop get a tour of the government facility. The camera pans from room to room in a mesmerizing pattern capturing the attention of the viewer.

However, there were though a few things I didn’t like. First of which was the glasses stereotype. I am a bit biased in this so please take that into account. When making the character of Max, the professor, the producers decided to give him glasses. Glasses are an overused stereotype to represent intelligence in the media.

Another stereotype they use is the “hacker” opening doors. This is a stereotype often used in spy movies as a cheap and easy way to get the characters to the essential plot point.

Overall I’d give this show a 7/10. Yeah, it has some flaws, but it’s a cheap show and it made me laugh That’s good in my book, maybe not binge worthy, but I would recommend watching it if you want to see more of Daryl and Ben. You can find “Ghosted” on Fox at 8:30