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Alexandra Joelson

Like the rest of us, senior Ryan Cohen is sad that Senior Out has ended.

Say Goodbye to Senior Out

March 13, 2018

It’s been a week since the good ol’ days. The days where I tagged people out.

Day, I should say. Not ‘days.’

Person, I should say. Not ‘people.’

I have only tagged one person out. But, hey, I am still alive, so I am proud of that. I don’t have much of a chance of winning because the target I have now knows that I have them.

An unfortunate situation for anyone trying to win, a goal I, at one point anyways, held. But now, it is about staying alive.

After multiple morning stakeouts, lunch hiding spots, and homeroom plots, I still have not been able to tag my person out. This senior is well aware that I have him/her (that’s vague just in case they are reading this right now), so my hope has been obliterated.

A fun ride. I tried, probably harder than I should have, but to no avail.

There’s always next year.

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