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A poster for

A poster for "The Babysitter," which was released on Oct. 13, is featured at the Vista Theater

Photo Courtesy of Netflix Official Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Netflix Official Instagram

A poster for "The Babysitter," which was released on Oct. 13, is featured at the Vista Theater

“The Babysitter” Is Full of Gore and Cliches

November 2, 2017

If you’re a fan of violent comedy and Bella Thorne, “The Babysitter” may just be the perfect new movie for you. Added to Netflix’s long list of original movies on Oct. 13, the movie captures (presumably accurately) what it’s like to have a babysitter who also happens to be the leader of high school’s hottest human-sacrificing cult. Oh and also, she needs your blood. Containing a night of unusual deaths and panic, the movie will make you laugh and cringe…maybe even at the same time.                   

The comedy takes place in the house of naive, 12-year-old babysittee Cole in present day U.S. Many viewers may find that they had a lot in common with Cole at his age: trouble making friends, conflicts with bullies, etc. But one thing they probably didn’t experience was being forced into a situation where they had no choice but to kill the entirety of the “it-clique” of their local high school.

With a diverse cast, the movie brings many different kinds of comedy to the table…and also a variety of stereotypes. Vine star King Bach, for example, plays a trendy cult member who quickly regrets attending the sacrificial meeting after he is drenched in the blood of the recently murdered – more than once.

Another cult member played by Pitch Perfect’s Hana Mae Lee is quiet but deadly. She has zero hesitation to hunt and kill the innocent. Lastly, the most stereotypical of them all is Allison, played by Bella Thorne, a bubblegum-chewing cheerleader with a secret she would take to her grave. She’s actually smart.

The film does, however, shine a light on the drastic character development from Cole, played by Judah Lewis, and it does contain a number of laughable and gory scenes. Overall, you won’t get very attached to the characters, but you will most-likely enjoy the plot and well-thought-out, clichéd jokes.

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