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Troye Sivan released his latest album

Troye Sivan released his latest album "Bloom" on August 31.

Courtesy of Troye Sivan Official Instagram

Courtesy of Troye Sivan Official Instagram

Troye Sivan released his latest album "Bloom" on August 31.

“Bloom” Goes the Album Drop

September 5, 2018

Troye Sivan, a familiar pop name, has given us “Bloom,” a refreshingly original pop album that presents vulnerability as something to sing and dance along to. ”Bloom” is Sivan’s second studio album, in which he effortlessly sings about positive outlooks on past, present and evolving – blooming – love.

“Bloom” was released last week , first in New Zealand due to homeland advantage and finally the United States. However, five of the 10 songs featured on the album were pre-released and dated back to January when the his first single, “My! My! My!” was released, giving us a sneak peek into what the album was going to sound like. The short, but sweet, 36-minute album is able to stream from major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Or, you can go to Youtube to watch the music videos to “Just Dance to This (feat. Ariana Grande),” “My! My! My!” and “Bloom.”

Sivan’s debut album, “Blue Neighborhood,” featuring popular tracks such as “FOOLS” and “YOUTH” were released when he was 20. His album reflected his teen years, struggling with love, and living in suburbia. Now, three years later, Sivan claims he’s letting go of that “teen-angst” to instead create a lighter and more spontaneous sound. In “Bloom”’s opening track, “Seventeen,” Sivan does touch on that younger state of mind, but he opens up about young love in a hopeful manner. He  sings “Age is just a number/Just like any other,” and how his unmapped relationship with an older man helped him evolve. In more popular tracks such as the album-titled song “Bloom,” that message of evolving love transforms into Sivan’s complete relationship, where he holds nothing back in the most untroubled way. 

Although there are tracks that have their carefree, pop-sounding, essence, “Bloom” also provides us with songs to put on your headphones and cry to, in the best possible way. “The Good Side” combines contrasting emotions of sadness and happiness to create a powerful song to an ex-boyfriend that will have you rewinding to hear it all again.

With its diversity in sound, it’s no surprise that “Bloom” is being reviewed as one of the best pop albums of 2018. This album gives you something to listen to. Whether that is carefreely with your friends, or graciously by yourself with your headphones in, Troye Sivan, unlike any other male-pop star, has created something anyone can relate to.


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