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Trials and Trébuchets: Project Continued under Cardenas

December 4, 2018

Ryan Cardenas’s AP Physics C class launched their highly anticipated trébuchets over the back entrance hill Monday. Student spectators gathered from various classes to watch as balls were flung 100, 150, and even 200 feet across the field.

Cardenas said, “I was really happy with the results… I think my students worked really hard over the break, and I know some of my students were kind of frustrated with the results because when you work hard on something and it doesn’t work as well as you hoped, that can be frustrating. But overall, I think every student, at least most every student, really seemed to enjoy the process.”

Students worked tirelessly over the last few weeks in small groups to construct their catapult-like trébuchets out of 2 by 4s, rope, other various materials, and a whole lot of love.

“I had a blast,” said Cardenas. “One of the trébuchets launched the entire length of the field, and one of the trébuchets just managed to get the ball to roll forward, but hey that’s something. Forward is better than backwards! I was really impressed with the different designs that people chose, and the ways that they went about building the trébuchet.”

As his first year with the project, Cardenas tried his best to continue the legacy of George, Stimson, the long-time physics teacher who retired last year. “Stimson had a magic about him that made people fall in love with physics and with learning, and he’s part of the reason why I’m here too,” said Cardenas. “I’m trying to take the best of what all of my teachers did and carry it forward. But those are very big shoes to fill and I don’t think anyone could ever take Mr. Stimson’s place.”

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