Best Hair of 2010: Taylor Swift

By Opal Theodossi, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift…38%

Almost best of:


Willow Smith…11%

Justin Bieber…10%

Robert Pattinson…10%

Hot curls, broken hearts, and cowboy boots; that’s right, I’m talking about Taylor Swift.  Hair has been a big thing this year, from Willow Smith’s crazy up-do’s  to Rihanna’s numerous hair styles , but none could top Swift and her various do’s.

Swift is famous for more than just her singing, and song writing; she also has a head of the most to-die-for hair.  She can wear it up, down, and all around, and she can pull every single look off. Through all of the music videos she changes her hair style frequently, from buns to curls to waves to just a messy abundance of locks.  At the AMA’s when Swift came out on stage with straight hair and Dutch boy bangs everyone was stunned, but her hair still looked better than ever.  Even when she wore a brown wig guest starring on “CSI” she looked stunning.

So whether she’s rockin’ those wild curls, or sporting a more grown-up look with bangs, no one can go as far to say that Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve to have the honor of the best hair of the year.