Dubsonic Underground

By Kaylin Greene, Opinions Editor

The Metaphor Café in Escondido pushes the edgy and the relatively tame into the same arena. It’s not a mind-warping rave, but it’s not your coffee shop jazz ensemble either. Dubsonic Underground is a reoccurring show that features a variety of electronic subgenres like edm (electronic dance music), dubstep, trance and drum n bass. It is less than a year old since its creation by Sleeper Cell Music last September. For a few months it put on bi-monthly shows at the Metaphor, but these gigs grew so much in popularity that joint owners of Sleeper Cell Music, Steve Rangel, Collin Welborn, and  Jesse Urban, also known as DJ SR-71, DJ DGT and DJ UL, respectively, decided to make it a monthly event. Featuring other local talent like Slinky, Stillwell and Jon Bishop, the show kicks off at 6 pm and goes until midnight, by which time there’s a crowd so huge that the tiny Metaphor Café is packed from wall to wall.
The show draws an audience of people from all walks of life, but at the Metaphor, the atmosphere is one of mutual appreciation for heavy electronic music and meeting new people. Check out the next Dubsonic Underground on Friday, February 25. Ages are 18 and up, and the price to get in is $5 before 8 pm, $10 afterwards.
Disclaimer: The sound is so filthy, you’ll need to take at least two showers when you get home that night (or early morning) before you crawl, crippled, into bed, the music still throbbing in your ears, still humbling you to your simple, mortal existence.