Fleet Foxes


Seattle natives Fleet Foxes are returning to the current music scene again with a new album and multi-country tour after an almost three year break. The band’s characteristically floating, echoing vocals in each soft yet catchy song are what made the band popular, especially with the songs ‘White Winter Hymnal’ and ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’ off of their self-titled 2008 album.

 Now, upon their return, lead singer Robin Pecknold promises that this album, “Helplessness Blues”, which comes out on May 3, will be louder, punchier, and less shrouded in metaphor. In the single that the band recently released as a preview of the album, both promises ring true. The lyrics are more personal: “If I know only one thing/It’s that every thing that I see/Of the world outside is so inconceivable/Often I barely can speak,” and Pecknold’s voice resonates with even more clarity than in the Foxes’ last album.

They are wise in still keeping the same wintry, flowing feel that their last albums have had, though. On their almost 40-show tour this May, Fleet Foxes are making a stop at the Spreckels Theater in San Diego on the 6th. Unless you’ve already snagged tickets, though, it sold out in less than three weeks.